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World-class safari in Africa

NYATI Safari would like to show you the best of the countries in southern Africa. We offer world-class safari in our own safari lodges in South Africa and we have handpicked the top destinations in neighboring countries to combine with your safari. Our safari lodges are located in our own 10,000 ha "Big 5" wildlife reserve, which is part of South Africa's famous Kruger National Park. Here we can guarantee that you will get close to Africa's wildlife - and most likely "The Big 5"; The lion, the leopard, the rhino, the buffalo and the elephant. If you have special wishes, we will always be able to tailor your trip.

About NYATI Safari
About NYATI Safari

In 1998, NYATI Safari Lodge opened the doors for its guests in beautiful South Africa for the first time - directly to the country's famous Kruger National Park and the Olifants River. Since then, over 35,000 satisfied Danes have experienced South Africa from the first row with NYATI Safari. With 19 years of experience in Africa, we strongly claim that we have developed the best safari concept and we guarantee our guests world-class safaris. We celebrate our 19 years in Africa by expanding our own wildlife reserve to 10,000 hectares - enough to accommodate South Africa's most dangerous predators. This means that you can now be lucky to see "The Big 5", i.e. the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the buffalo and the elephant and of course also the other animals of the country, on the doorstep of NYATI's lodges. We have now removed all fences between our lands and South Africa's famous Kruger National Park so that the wildlife of Kruger Park can move freely on our land. Kruger National Park has the highest concentration of wildlife in the world, so this means in practice that there have never been so many animals at NYATI Safari Lodge as now ... Follow the big animal activity on our Facebook page!

About NYATI Safari
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