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7 nights luxury package at MILIMA

Why not enjoy world-class safari in South Africa's famous Kruger National Park and stay at one of the best accommodations in South Africa at the same time?

Our 7 nights luxury safari package include a a comprehensive safari program with English speaking guides, as well as a culinary luxury safari with all meals included.

Luxury tent accommodation with stunning views of the African bush and wildlife along the riverbanks from your private terrace. Can be upgraded to either villa or Manor House accommodation.

Rates 7 nights package:
Please contact us on info@milima.co.za or ph. +27 15 590 8328

If you are looking to experience even more Africa, you can combine your safari adventure with for example Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Botswana and many more destinations.

The package includes

The 7-nights package includes:

  • Return transfer from local airport by Kruger National Park to MILIMA Safari Lodge
  • 7 nights at MILIMA Safari Lodge 4+* in your Luxury tent (doubleroom) incl. full board
  • Comprehensive safari program, where all meals are included:
  • Half-day "big 5" safari in or private game reserve
  • Bush walks with a professional ranger in our private game reserve
  • Sundowner with night game drive
  • Sunset Game Drives in open safari vehicles, incl. drinks and snacks from viewpoint
  • Access to the NYATI driving range & golf tutor


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7 nights luxury package at MILIMA
Daily program
7 nights luxury package at MILIMA
Optional activities from MILIMA Safari Lodge

MILIMA Safari Lodge

MILIMA Safari Lodge
Climate chart

Daily program

Arrival at MILIMA Safari Lodge

Our friendly staff will welcome you with drinks and a small briefing. After this it is time to settle in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You are invited for a welcome cocktail on the terrace overlooking the nearby waterhole, before it is time for your welcome dinner in the evening.

Bushbreakfast & Sundowner

Begin your day with a bushwalk watching the sun rise over the scenic South African bush while one of our professional rangers explains about everything you see, big and small. The walk will finish at our most beautiful viewing point where a traditional bush-breakfast will be served outdoors in the shade of the acacia trees awaits the guests. A relaxed river safari is one of today's optional activities (to be paid for separately).

If you do decide to go on the river cruise, you will cruise along the Olifants River aboard a slow-moving river boat. We set out on a Sundowner in the afternoon. This gives you the chance to encounter many species of wild animals and experience incredible landscapes without bumping into other safari cars or guests. Dinner is served in the main restaurant on the covered terrace.

Bushwalk and "Big 5" game drive

Explore the area around MILIMA by taking a bush walk early in the morning. The animals are especially active in the mornings and this easy stroll runs along the Olifants River, where you can often spot hippos and crocodiles. You also have the option of experiencing the bush from a bird's eye view in a micro light aircraft or helicopter (to be paid for separately). Back at the lodge you will find a tempting breakfast buffet on the terrace set out for you. After having had a few hours to relax, it is time for “the Big 5” safari. “Big 5” is a traditional hunters' way of describing lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes. We begin with an exciting drive through the bush along the Olifants River in open Jeeps.

Local rangers will meet us at the entrance to Thsukudu, a nearby private wildlife reserve especially known for its work breeding rhinos. Here there will be ample opportunity to spot “the Big 5”. We go on a safari drive, known in South Africa as a game-drive, and before heading back we will stop for refreshments and watch the beautiful sunset. Back at the lodge a traditional African Braai will be served in Nyati's open barbecue facility - the Boma.

Full-day trip to The Drakensberg Mountains

Today you can tour the Drakensberg Mountains where we follow the famous panoramic route along the 60 km (35 miles) long Blyde River Canyon - also known as South Africa's Grand Canyon. The Drakensberg Mountains are about 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) high and are located in the neighboring province of Mpumalanga. Along the panoramic route you will find several look-out points, each one more breathtaking than the next. Eucalyptus and coniferous trees grow in the beautiful mountain gorges, which are also the sources of countless sparkling waterfalls. We make a stop at three of the top tourist attractions in South Africa. Bourke's Luck Potholes with the deep gaps that takes your breath away and make you raise the camera. The Three Rondavels, which are three round mountain peaks resembling a huge version of the traditional, round-carved African cabins - and of course the highlight Blyde River Canyon, where we have the most beautiful viewpoint with unparalleled photo opportunities. We also visit the charming gold-digger's village Pilgrim's Rest and cover up for lunch along the way. Lunch is included in the trip.

You can of course also choose to spend the day at the MILIMA Safari Lodge and enjoy a relaxing day with a book by the pool. In the evening there is a traditional African braai with singing and dancing under the stars in the open barbecue area, the boma.

NYATI "Big 5" safari

On Tuesdays or Thursdays you typically visit the famous Kruger National Park on a full day trip. Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, covering an area of 19,633 sq. kilometers (7,580 sq mi) and offers the highest concentration of wildlife in the world and of course “The Big 5”. Nyati Safari Lodge is one of the few lodges with license for driving our own custom-built open safari vehicles in the park. Driving in open vehicles gives your safari experience an extra dimension, as scents and sounds are much more perceptible. We will have breakfast outdoors while watching the splendid sunrise. Remember to have your camera ready, as there will be many sights which you will want to bring home with you. Kruger National Park offers world-class nature and wildlife experiences. In the Mopane bush, in the north, there are lots of elephants, buffalos, impalas, kudus and plenty of other antelopes. On the central savannah there are many gnus, zebras, cheetahs and lions while in the Bush Willow towards the south, with its dense grass forest, there are lots of giraffes, lions, white rhinos, hyenas and antelopes. Just as on the Sunday excursion there is ample opportunity to spot the “The Big 5”.

We enjoy a delicious "Out of Africa"-style lunch served in the great outdoors at one of the Park's rest camps. You will arrive back at the lodge in time for your culinary three-course dinner in the beautiful main restaurant overlooking the african bush.

Optional activities & Sundowner

On the last day of your stay you might need to do some relaxing and digest all the impressions. Enjoy life in the privacy of your own hammock on your private terrace; go for a swim in the pool – or choose among our many optional activities. On Friday we can also tempt you with a sunset safari. This is a very evocative way to say “goodnight” to the bush in the dusk, all the while having a nice time with wine and snacks in the sunset. Friday night is celebrated with a farewell dinner, where the chef will be a little extra inventive with the delicious local produce and the staff sets a beautiful dinner table on the terrace overlooking the waterhole and African bush.

Visit to African village & Sundowner

Relax by the pool or enjoy an early morning safari bushwalk in our private game reserve. The animals are tracked by studying footprints, droppings, snapped branches and other signs visible in nature. The area offers a spectacular array of wildlife including for example many species of antelope, zebras, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, gnus, rhinos and buffaloes. After the bushwalk, a lovely breakfast buffet will be served on the terrace and there will be some time to relax. Participate in one of the thrilling optional activities (to be paid for separately). At the end of the afternoon we continue our program with a Sundowner game-drive in the MILIMA grounds. In the evening a culinary three-course menu will be served in the beautiful main restaurant overlooking the waterhole and the African bush.

Day of departure from MILIMA Safari Lodge

This is your day of departure. After breakfast you can choose to be driven to the local airport where flights connect to Johannesburg, or you can organize your own departure.

Optional activities from MILIMA Safari Lodge


During your stay, why not start your morning with a bushwalk through the scenic South African bush while one of our professional rangers explains about everything you see, big and small.

On a bush walk you might also be lucky to spot the "Little five"

Our professional team of rangers are trained in spotting even the smallest animals, so you have a good chance of catching a glimpse of the little residents of the Krugerpark too. Actually, there are five small animals which share part of their names with "The Big 5".

These fine little creatures are often spotted on our bush walks where you get an even closer look at nature on foot. They include the rhino beetle, which is one of the largest beetles in the world, as well as the red-billed beetle buffalo weaver, the leopard tortoise, the eastern rock elephant shrew and the antlion, which digs little pits to trap passing ants or other prey.

The Bushwalk takes place on either Monday or Wednesday mornings and is weather dependent. Please book at the reception desk.

Price per person: ZAR 250,-

Full-day excursion to the Drakensberg Mountains

When staying at MILIMA you will have the chance to visit some of the most gorgeous mountains in the world, - The Drakensberg Mountains.

The mountains are the highest mountain range in South Africa, with peaks that rise to 3,482 metres in height and simply an area of spectacular natural beauty.

The mountains themselves span approximately 1,000 kilometres from southwest to northeast and meets Lesotho at its northeastern border.

We travel along with what is known as the Panoramic Route, where you will find several amazing look-out points.

We follow the 60 kilometre (35 mile) long Blyde River Canyon and along the rout you will stop at the "Three Rondavels", Gods Window", and either Lisbon or Berlin falls.

The included lunch is served in the small village of Graskop with time for some shopping.

Price per person ZAR 2.200,- (minimum 4 participants)

Hot air balloon

To hover silently over the landscapes is a truly magical experience.

The balloon ascends at sunrise, so you get to experience the awakening bush from high above.

The tour will take you over the scenic, Lowveld section of the Blyde River offering stunning views of the Drakensberg Escarpment and the South African bush.

Sparkling wine and snacks will be served after the balloon flight and a full breakfast will await you back at the Lodge.

The activity is highly weather dependent and will only be offered on days when the local balloon skipper believes it to be “balloon weather”. Departure from the lodge may be as early as 3 in the morning and will be confirmed the day before the flight (minimum of 4 participants).

Price per person ZAR 4.800,-

Including sparkling wine & snacks after flight

Jessica the tame hippo

In March 2000, Tony and Shirley Joubert found a little starved orphaned baby hippo at the edge of Blyde River. The couple "adopted" the little hippopotamus, and therefore it has grown up among humans and domestic animals. Today, the tame hippo, named Jessica, is one of the biggest attractions in Hoedspruit, where both adults and children visit it. On this excursion you will have the chance to experience a day with Jessica, where she, for example, plays with the family's dog, gets feed from the hand and petted. Jessica is very affectionate and love beeing close to people.

Price per person: ZAR 850,-

Only bookable on request, minimum requirement of 4 guests and subject to 48 Hour cancelation policy.

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre

Endangered species centre

As South Africans we do as much as we can to protect our wildlife.

Enjoy a one and a half hour walking tour through the Moholoholo Rehabilitation centre to get a better insight on the recue and rehabilitation of numerous animals.

Moholoholo is sure to raise awareness not only on the natural injuries/deaths caused to the animals but also the human impact these animals have to suffer

Moholoholo is home to numerous birds of pray including Africa’s largest eagle and endangered Vultures, Lion, White Lion, White Duiker, Dassie, Cheetah, Hyena, Rhino, Zebra, Wild Dog, Leopard, Black Leopard and more.

Price per person ZAR 800,- (if not included in your itineary)

Timings as follows:

07h00 – Breakfast at the lodge
07h30 – Departure from the lodge
09h30 – Start of Tour at Moholoholo (Approximately 1hour 30 min light walk)
13h00-13h30 – Back at the lodge
14h00 – Lunch at the lodge

Quad bike safari

A fantastic and different safari, where nature and wildlife sets the agenda. Experience the south African bush far from the beaten track on a quad bike. It is a four-wheeled motorcycle suitable for off-road driving.

A fun activity for the family and for everyone who wants to have another chance to get close to the wild nature and get the pulse up a bit. Because the trails are more about game viewing than quad biking, there are no daredevil stunts. The speed is slow and the animals always have right of way.

Guests are driven approx. 15 minutes up the terrain, from where the tour starts under the guidance of a local guide. The tours depart early morning before breakfast and late afternoon and lasts approx. 1,5 hours (2 hours incl. transfer to and from the lodge).

Min. 2 participants and max. 3 participants per time. Minimum age 12 years. No experience required.

Price: ZAR 1.000/person

River safari with bushwalk & game drive

Join an eventful trip on foot, on the river and in open safari vehicles through The Greater Kruger National Park.

The tour starts early in the morning with a safari walk through the bush, where one of the rangers from MILIMA tells about the flora and fauna along the way.

The walk ends with a delicious breakfast cooked by MILIMA's chefs in the bush at one of the beautiful view points.

Continue by car to the dammed part of the Olifants River, where you arrive approx. in the middle of the day.

Embark on an incredible river cruise offering close encounters with the South African wildlife such as crocodiles, hippos and elephants along the river banks of the Olifants River bordering and open to Kruger National Park. The river cruise is also a fantastic way to experience the rich bird life along the river.

You will have lunch on the boat while you enjoy the sounds of the bush and the beautiful view of the wildlife.

After the boat trip another safari adventure awaits.

You will be picked up by an open safari vehicle from MILIMA and go on an evocative sunset game drive through The Greater Kruger National Park with a good chance to see "Big 5".

The safari experiences ends at one of our beautiful sundowner spots, where you can enjoy the sunset over the South African bush with cold drinks and snacks before going back to the lodge

The tour includes:

  • Departure from the lodge early morning
  • Return right after sunset.
  • Lunch is included.
  • The tour is weather dependent.

Price pr. person ZAR 1.350,-


Minimum requirement of 4 guests and 48 Hour cancelation policy apply.

Please note: Prices are subject to change with short notice

Visit to local township

South Africa is a country with great contrasts.

On one hand, a modern country with well-functioning economy and infrastructure - and on the other hand, the original and authentic Africa.

A visit to a local township is one of the best ways to get an impression of the local culture and its traditions. You will visit a pre-school, you will be invited home to a local family and you will experience the local witch doctor at work.

A light lunch will be served underway, where you will have an opportunity to taste local specialties.

Price per person ZAR 1.200,-

Minimum requirement of 4 guests and subject to 48 Hour cancelation policy.

Climate chart MILIMA Safari Lodge, Kruger National Park

High °C
Low °C
Average Daily Sunshine Hours
Average Rainfall
High °C: 32
Low °C: 21
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 93
High °C: 32
Low °C: 20
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 93
High °C: 31
Low °C: 19
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 68
High °C: 29
Low °C: 16
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 37
High °C: 28
Low °C: 11
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 9
Average Rainfall: 14
High °C: 26
Low °C: 6
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 9
Average Rainfall: 11
High °C: 26
Low °C: 7
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 9
Average Rainfall: 12
High °C: 27
Low °C: 9
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 9
Average Rainfall: 9
High °C: 29
Low °C: 13
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 9
Average Rainfall: 26
High °C: 30
Low °C: 16
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 43
High °C: 30
Low °C: 18
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 66
High °C: 32
Low °C: 20
Average Daily Sunshine Hours: 8
Average Rainfall: 94
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